Latest news and exhibitions

One of the largest agricultural trade fairs in the Balkans as well as in the European market, AGROTICA hosted us for another year, giving us the opportunity to expand our business orientation.

Prevention of environmental risks is a priority for EUROFILM Manzaris SA.

As the demand for quality film grows, we were driven to establish our new offices in Athens to cover the exportation devision.

As part of our investment program for 2019, we have invested € 1,700,000 for innovative lamination film technology and equipment.

The 28th International Exhibition of Agricultural Machinery and Supplies is at the forefront and we are ready to present the developments in our Agricultural Products.

Another year of attendance at the industry's most important exhibition. As a result of our cooperation and aiming at the development of packaging materials and industrial plastics, we have contributed to our proposals with innovative products of durability and flexibility.

EUROFILM MANDZARIS SA participated in the 3rd Agricultural Exhibition of Ierapetra Agricultural Machinery, Equipment and Supplies, AGROEXPO 2019, held at the Middake Stadium of the Municipality of Ierapetra from 09 to 12 May.

We partipated with strong presence one more year in the idustry's most important international exhibition. With our mission to progress and evolve in the field of agricultural and industrial plastics, we have contributed with our efforts and 
innovative products of durability and flexibility for the farmer.

Our company EUROFILM MANTZARIS SA, Keeping its promise every two years, has participated in 25th International Fair for Agricultural Machinery, Equipment and Supplies AGROTICA 2014 which took place in the International Exhibition center HELEXPO in Thessaloniκi from 30 January to 2 February 2014.

Our company EUROFILM MANTZARIS SA, with its affiliated companies MANTZARIS INTERNATIONAL SRL and EUROPLAST SRL, has participated in Agricultural Exhibition INDAGRA 2014 which took place in Bucharest 29/10/2017 – 02/11/2017 .