Goals and policy of EUROFILM MANTZARIS


We oversee with intense and genuine interest our customers’ needs by offering the knowledge and experience we have gained in the over 28 years of operation of the factory. Customer satisfaction is our business direction.

EUROFILM Mantzaris SA invests in human resources, partners and customers. It features innovative production and control methods, new products, a flexible sales and distribution network, and promotes continuous investments for upgrades in every work and production area.

Our respect for the environment is highlighted by the absence of waste in the production process, reinforced by:

• A recycling unit for managing waste and recycling scrap.
• Investments on equipment for energy saving.
• Collecting rainwater.
• Manufacturing triple layer products for raw material saving.
• Use of breakdown additives in products of similar use.
• Production of biodegradable films, from materials of plant origin, for composting.



The company focuses on the following objectives:

• Constant of the production process through advanced technology machinery.
• Training the technical staff.
• A well-organized and flexible sales network for both the Greek and the European market.
• A well-organized distribution network with direct and quick delivery policy.
• Maintaining standard products in stock for more flexibility.
• Strict application of quality control systems.
• Customized services for each customer.
• Constant improvement of the available products.
• Manufacturing new high-quality products.
• Continuous upgrading of staff hygiene and safety conditions and adherence to relevant legislation.