28 years of innovation


Eurofilm was founded in 1991 at Zevgolatio, Korinthia. The company’s primary activity was the production and trade of polyethylene film and for agricultural use.

The company has moved to its new facilities in the year 2000, in a privately owned area of 65.000 square meters. This area includes 14.000 square meters of housed facilities, namely a factory, warehouses and offices servicing the operation of a contemporary business.

At its new premises the company broadened the range of its products and activities by expanding in the packaging sector. Providing effective solutions for high quality products that comply with the European standards. Eurofilm has developed partnerships with big firms in the food (bottled water, soft drinks and food industries) supplying printed film.

Eurofilm has also developed consumer products’, invested in the production of drawstring and simple waste bags and other related products that are sold to super markets, as well to a wide range of packaging bags used by retailers, personal care indutry and manufacturers of large objects such as electric appliances and construction materials.

Modern facilities

In early 2009, a new production plant was inaugurated as part of the company’s new investment plan.


New facilities

  • Modern machinery
  • Privately owned premises: 65.000 square meters
  • Housed facilities: 14.000 square meters


Production potential: 25.000 MT/year

  • Manpower: 110 employees
  • 7 Βlown film extrusion production lines
  • 5 Co-extrusion production lines
  • 4 Drawstring waste bag production lines
  • 1 Drip hose production line (diameters: 16/20/25/25/32 mm)
  • Bottom weld lines for big/bulk bags
  • 3 T-shirt bag production line
  • 1 Flex Loop Line
  • 1 Recycling line


Eurofilm makes every possible effort to ensure the quality of its products, has evolved the quality control department to offer products of constant quality. Our company has invested in product quality control systems and is ISO certified:

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 22000:2005
  • ISO 14001:2015

We carefully select raw materials, evaluate our suppliers and provide our customers with high-quality products that correspond to their expectations.

Our efforts focus on predicting customers’ needs and on upgraded services and production standards by using modern technology.