Eurofilm Mantzaris SA specializes in the production and trade of polyethylene films for agricultural use, packaging and wrapping materials, as well as consumer products. Over time, the range of the available products has been significantly expanded in order to meet the needs of the ever evolving market.

Eurofilm has developed partnerships with companies active in the bottling and marketing of mineral water and soft drinks, packaging of food, building materials, fertilizers and animal feed, as well as with printing industries. By offering competitive products of exquisite quality, Eurofilm has set the standards high.

A major part of the company’s production is the consumer sector. These plastic products are sold to super markets, other companies and retailers for products packaging. Eurofilm, a company with many years of experience in the field and with innovative ideas, has significantly contributed to the development and establishment of new packaging products that follow contemporary trends and meet consumer needs.

Eurofilm provides farmers with high-quality cover products that are necessary in various agricultural activities. Customers can choose the product that fits them best from a wide variety of materials. Also available are composting products, pond liners, irrigation canal liners, transparent polyethylene film for solar disinfection, durable odor-control film, silage covers and many more.

All the products are available in a wide variety of predefined as well as customized sizes

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