Plastic film industry in Zevgolatio, Korinthia

Eurofilm Mantzaris SA is a modern plastic film industry based at Zevgolatio Korinthia, Greece. It manufactures a variety of plastic films from the finest raw materials using the most sophisticated machinery. For over 20 years, Eurofilm has supplied the Greek and European market with excellent quality products for agricultural, industrial and consumer use. At its new premises at Zevgolatio, Korinthia, the company has state-of-the-art machinery for the production of advanced technology plastic films, such as stretch films and LDPE lamination films. The excellent know-how has established the stretch films and other products of this plastic film industry among the best in Greece and abroad.

High-quality plastic films for industrial use

Eurofilm Mantzaris SA is a pioneer in the plastic film industry in Greece. One of its greatest objectives is to supply its customers with the highest quality products and customized service. The experienced staff is ready to advice on the right solution to ensure that the individual needs of each customer are met. Eurofilm constantly improves its products by following the most recent technological trends and provides the Greek and the European market with PE plastic films of superior mechanical strength and resistance. A wide variety of plastic films, such as stretch films, packaging films, shrink films, greenhouse films, black and white ground covers, garbage bags, heavy duty bags and many more are available in many sizes, qualities and textures.

Goals and policy of Eurofilm Mantzaris

Eurofilm Mantzaris SA values the needs of its customers and constantly tries to reduce cost, while adding convenience. Having a flexible sales and distribution network, Eurofilm guarantees that products can reach customers safely and in time. The company focuses on the following objectives:

  • Constantly upgrading the production process through new, advanced technology machinery
  • Training the technical staff
  • Having a well-organized and flexible sales network in the Greek and the European market
  • Having a well-organized distribution network ensuring direct and quick delivery to end use customers
  • Maintaining standard products in stock for more flexibility
  • Always implementing the ISO 9001:2000 standard
  • Offering customized services to each customer
  • Constantly improving the available products
  • Manufacturing new high-quality products
  • Constantly improving the hygiene and safety within the facilities
Protecting the environment by:
  • implementing relevant legislations
  • having a recycling unit
  • managing waste
  • recycling scrap
  • saving energy
  • collecting rainwater in tanks
  • manufacturing triple layer products for raw material saving
  • using biodegradable plastic

Advanced technology plastic films

Eurofilm Mantzaris SA specializes in the production and marketing of polyethylene films for various applications in many sectors. These are some of the available products:

Agricultural products:
  • General purpose plastic films, mulch and low tunnel film
  • Greenhouse films
  • Pond liners
  • Plastic films for industrial use
Packaging products:
  • Shrink films
  • Stretch films
  • Packaging films
  • Packaging bags
Consumer products:
  • Heavy duty bags
  • Eco-friendly garbage bags
  • Big/Bulk bags
  • Mailing bags

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